Heidi Chartrand

Heidi Chartrand is a self taught mixed media artist living in Metchosin, BC.  Having worked with horses for most of her life, she finds inspiration from animals and nature.


In 2016, Heidi started painting on bones, later learning to clean skulls, literally facing her fear of death.  Canvases were often donated by farmer friends. She loves getting damaged skulls, that are less valuable to others, but allow for the most artistic interpretation. Using sewing machine and Harley Davidson parts, Heidi created a series of cyborgs, another way to reuse what was once unwanted.  Heidi develops a piece by sitting with the skull and accentuating natural patterns and shapes already present. The design that develops represents the skull’s own unique energy and that animal’s past experiences.


Coast Collective Haunted / Colwood, BC / 2019

Art Masters Competition / Vancouver, BC / 2019

Experiential Art Gallery / Tofino, BC / 2019

Calgary Stampede / Calgary, AB / 2018

RAW Art Show / Victoria, BC / 2018

Sidney Fine Arts / Sidney, BC / 2018 & 2017

Sooke Fine Arts / Sooke, BC / 2017

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